BindRunes! What they are and how I can make one for you

November 4, 2017

 Runes are letters in the old Scandinavian alphabet. Before the countries of Scandinavia (Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland) adopted the Roman alphabet for their languages, they used letters called runes. There were different runic alphabets for different regions, and in some cases the same rune would represent a different sound in different regional runic variations. This is one reason why some artifacts with rune carvings are not decipherable by modern anthropologists and linguists.


A BindRune (or 'bind rune') is a combination of runic letters that form a personal logo or symbol for the person it is created for. A BindRune can be a combination of initials or letters used to spell out a first name. I am skilled in reading and writing runes and have experience making BindRunes. 


Contact me to get a free personalized BindRune!  


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