A different view of each painting-- palette comparisons

May 17, 2017



 The palettes of paintings (usually put on newspaper) reveal a different side of each painting. Sometimes they show which colours required the most mixing, and it can be surprising to look back on the process and see how many varieties of a single colour were worked into the final painting. There are layers of light piled on top of dark, and dark piled on top of light. In a finished painting, some colors are more prominent than they show on the palette, and usually that happens if the base colour is already close to the desired shade. On the palette, colours used near the end of the painting process may cover up those used earlier, though usually bits of all show through. 


Both of the paintings shown above were painted on canvases approximately 8.5" by 11", though much larger paintings require much larger palettes and can even cover many newspaper pages. 


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