Occurring Bad Problems

January 28, 2016


Sometimes I get frustrated that I don't understand everything I want to understand. Then I realize that problems in understanding can lead to meaningful discussions on the most riveting topics, like ink (I'm not krazy). 


Here is an excerpt from Yoshi's Paintbrush, page 15:


He put down a pen and a blank nametag on the counter. Text written on the pen said "Do not eat this pen. It has ink in it. It would occur you a bad problem."


Yoshi didn't know why anyone would assume a pen had no ink left in it and want to eat it. She also did not think there was such a thing as a problem that was not bad, that's why problems were troublesome, like math problems. But Yoshi was only in her twelfth year of breathing, eating, and sleeping, and she was aware of her childishness. A kid like her was used to being confused about not knowing everything. Fortunately for Yoshi, she had not yet discovered that the feeling would only get worse when she reached adulthood. 



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