The Scariness of being Alive

September 21, 2016


I remember being 3 years old and learning about death. I asked my mother if it was possible for three-year-olds to die. I expected her to say no, but when she told me yes, I panicked. It seemed so scary to think that for three whole years I had the potential to die and didn't know that it could happen. And what was even more scary was the knowledge that all the people living go on with their daily business knowing that there is a chance they can drop dead at any second. Living must be scarier than being dead, I thought, because if you're dead you have nothing to lose. 


Over time, I had to learn not to be afraid of the possibility of death by being thankful for the life I'd experienced so far. I'd think things like "If I died tomorrow, at least I had the joy of making the friends I met today." There is a famous quote that says "You die a little more each day." I think that is true in some ways, but there are ways to "live a little more" each day. Writing and artwork helped me with that. When I was writing the first drafts of Yoshi's Paintbrush, I became more alive with each day I worked on it. Perhaps it is possible to do more living within the span of a single day than over the course of several years. 

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