The colors of rain

March 31, 2016

 Because water reflects the colors around it, rain on a colorful Copenhagen street can be somewhat bright. Buildings along the strand are painted in all colors of the rainbow. Through the rain many details go blurry, and just a few corners and segments remain in focus. What we see as we walk along in the rain is a combination of the straight lines and defined shapes we expect to find behind the rain and the runny glaze of water that separates us from it. Rain is both a mirror and an illusion of the scenery around it. 


The background of the above image is from my artwork "Raining in Copenhagen." The foreground shows a photo of Denmark's famous statue depicting the morose main character from Hans Christian Andersen's story The Little Mermaid. Disney's version of the story is vastly different from the original, which shares contains some elements of the horror genre and has its fill of anguish and sadness. Just moments after I took the photo of the little mermaid statue, it started raining. The color of rain along that stretch of coastline was blue and gray, like smoke mixed with the ocean's deep shadows--fitting for the weeping figure of Ariel. 


If rain has colors, what are the colors of tears? What surrounds rain colors the rain. Does that mean we have a choice about the colors our tears reflect? 


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