The Strength of a Snail

March 17, 2016


On her way home Joshi saw a snail making its way down the sidewalk. It left a trail of snail ooze as an individualistic emblem of existence behind it as it proceded courageously onward in the bold pursuit of life amidst the shadows of doom. The snail journeyed forth despite the possibility that it might get smashed without it ever seeing its merciless attacker, all of which the snail must regard as a symbol of effort itself, for this was its daily life of adventure.


Or, as most others might see it an think it, there was a snail. It was on the sidewalk. It was leaving some yucky slime behind it. It was a snail and it was small. Being a snail, it would have to put up with being small its whole life. What was the ooze from it? Joshi said it was its own dignity of existence.


-Yoshi's Paintbrush: Lessons in Nonconformity, pages 44-45


I really admire snails. I used to think about snails a lot when I was backpacking. It must be very difficult, to carry everything you own on your back. But it also must be a very freeing experience to be unfettered from rooms of clutter. Snails are adventurers. They don't let their slow speed stop them. In former times, snails were engraved on tombstones because they symbolized rebirth. The snail shifts membranes, which can be seen as similar to a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. Snakes can also symbolize rebirth, the way they shed their skin, and sheep because their wool is sheared. What else do snails, snakes, and sheep have in common? Let me know in the comments.



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