A different kind of "tea time"

March 13, 2016


"Welcome to Sloppy Breakfast. I'm your host, Joshi, and I don't like talking, but I have a talk show. This is the only talk show where people actually eat as they discuss issues that affect our daily lives..." -Page 113, Yoshi's Paintbrush


I've always liked the use of tea time in Alice in Wonderland. It seemed like a very normal setting that could easily turn whimsical. However, I've never been much of a tea person, and as an American I don't have experience sitting down to tea time. Some American talk shows try to mimic the idea of tea time, though, but without the tea. It reminds me of how meetings in the corporate world have coffee breaks without coffee. Where'd the drinks go?


Breakfast is my thing. It's the best meal of the day. Unlike tea time, you don't need ettiquette at breakfast. It's about the food, and if the food inspires discussion, all the better.


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