One more try

February 22, 2016


Sometimes we all need one more try. This excerpt from Yoshi's Paintbrush (starting on page 15) sums up how fixing something ought to be:

Yoshi timidly picked up the pen and started to write, only to discover there was indeed no ink coming out of the pen.


"Umm, this pen doesn't seem to be working. I think it's out of ink."


The young clerk wrinkled his eyebrows. "People assume so much--assumings thingies are broken just because they don't work eks-actly the way they ek-spect them to. Did you tell it to write?"


Yoshi shook her head.


"Then just asks it."




Yoshi whispered in her mind, "Please work, ink. Please work, pen." And despite feeling stupid for doing such a bizzare thing, she was relieved that it actually worked.

We are so used to putting expectations on objects to function the way we want them to that we carry over those feelings into our view of other people. If an object doesn't do what it is supposed to, it's broken. And thus we see people we don't understand as being 'broken' people. Take the character Jyger, for example. He responds to Yoshi in the excerpt above. His speech is definitely not normal, so does that mean it is broken? Surely he's noticed that he sounds different from other people. Does he choose to speak that way? There doesn't have to be something wrong with a person for them to do something differently. Maybe we should put one more try into our thinking and view Jyger not as a person whose speech needs to be fixed, but as someone who is unique. 




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