If blue was actually green, would you like green?

February 18, 2016


Thank you to 525nm_Wavelength for asking this question. Okay, Zippy, take it away...


HI! I'm Zippy, and I'm here to lecture you on the scientific properties of blue. If blue was actually green, the universe would explode, because blue being green would violate all laws of gravity, physics, and cooking. After the universe explodes, the stock market would crash due to the lack of truly blue ink (I'm Not Krazy) on notes of national currencies. After the stock market crashes, school would be cancelled due to the lack of money to pay teachers of bluology. Any respectable textbook on bluology will tell you that. After all of that happens, I would like green, but only when I was pretending it was blue. Green is just okay, for it falls short of the awesomeness of blue yet sails above the gaudiness of pink. 

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