December 22, 2018

 A video about this painting has been posted under "Process of Painting" on the "Videos" tab.

February 16, 2018

The Year of the Dog has officially begun! Above is an image of decorations I set up at home. The other images are artwork I made. ^_^ 


December 13, 2017

 This image I created from a map I made and a ship I painted holds much meaning for me. My family has our roots in Scandinavia (especially Denmark and Norway), and generations of us have depended on travel to and from that region. Ever since Viking times, the ship has...

October 6, 2017

 Can you tell that this photo has been flipped upside down? (Photo taken in Shenzhen, China)

September 11, 2017

 Coming soon-- a new video in the "Process of Painting" series!

September 3, 2017

A piece of art is never truly finished. It always has the potential to change and be different than it was before or even transform into an entirely new thing. Recently I went with some friends to a pottery studio where customers can choose a pre-made piece of pottery,...

June 26, 2017

Later I will make a video about the creation of this piece, revealing what object is featured in this artwork. You can leave a comment below with your guess or make a comment on my Facebook post (on the page Books, Blogs, and Artwork by Rune Marie Nielsen).  

May 24, 2017

When I looked at my nightstand, I noticed this arrangement of my glasses, Wii Fit U meter (pedometer), and phone on top of a polka-dot notebook. It seemed so random yet so  intentional, somehow. It is an accidental composition.

So, I had to take a photo.

But that was onl...